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    Pistons and rods need some refining from their original design.   We not only lighten pistons and rods, but we coat them as well. This is a must for high RPM engines.  Here is a lightened piston and rod along with some coated pistons hot out of the oven.

    After all parts are finished in the machining process they move on to cleaning where they are cleaned and inspected 3 times to assure that they are free of contaminants.

    Here you see several parts in various stages of cleaning.  There is no substitute for keeping parts clean prior to assembly.

    After careful cleaning and inspection, it is time for assembly. In this photo, "Rapid Roy" assembles a crankshaft assembly.

    After assembly, all engines are dyno tested and "run in" to be sure that there are no problems.   This allows for prior tuning before the engine goes on the boat.   Here you see an engine being placed on our Stuska water brake turbine dynomometer.

    After the engine is mounted on the dyno it is time to "run up" the engine for a series of checks and inspections.   Here a modified EFI Merc is running in on the dyno.

    Here is a view of the control room where all dyno testing is performed.  Yes, the window is bullet proof in the event something might come off or out at high RPM.   We have run engines above 10,000 RPM on this unit.
    The instruments here show head temp, water pressure, spark plug temp, exhaust temp, manual drive RPM, stator electric RPM, pounds of fuel per hour, torque, and horsepower at any RPM.

    If you are interested in an SST-120 boat, we build those, too!

    Don't you think this is a great looking boat?

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